Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of seven Butler County residents appointed by the Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, Kansas. The County Commission shall make appointments from a list of nominations provided by the Board of Directors of Flinthills Services, Inc. unless there exists good and articulable cause, as determined by the County Commission, why the nominee or nominees should not receive a board appointment. Preference for appointment will be for one director to be appointed to represent each of the five county commissioner districts with the other two directors appointed as at-large, county appointments. In the event, however, that no suitable candidate can be found within a particular commission district, a recommendation of a candidate, at-large, may be considered with the approval of the county commissioner from the area without adequate representation. All Board Members must be residents of Butler County, with the exception of one at-large member who may reside outside Butler County but the individual is employed in Butler County.

No more than three parents or legal guardians of persons served by Flinthills Services, Inc. shall serve on the Board of Directors at any one time.

All Board of Director terms are for 3 years. No director will serve for more than two consecutive terms. Persons serving two terms are not eligible for appointment for a period of one year. Persons appointed to serve an unexpired term will complete the said term and then be eligible for two full years.

The Board of Directors meet the last Wednesday of the month at our Life Enrichment Center.

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Hund – President
  • Mary Hovey – Vice President
  • Greg Buster – Treasurer
  • Brenda Klotz – Secretary
  • Brett Kappelmann – Board Member
  • Suzie Locke – Board Member
  • Iain Milmine – Board Member